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huu, tsp, 8, 4, e3, z, y, tu, wy1, 4, Markorp | Distribution
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The Markorp Distribution Experience

Health Solutions, Customized

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Office Location

300 Terrytown Drive Suite 100
McKeesport, Pa 15135
Fax: 412.678.7528

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Welcome to the Future

Markorp is focused on the foundation of great products. We believe that through clinical excellence, correct product choice and superior training, we are able to provide physicians the top products that the market has to offer, while maintaining a profitable environment for everyone.


We understand that providers have a lot of factors to consider when purchasing products for use in surgery or outpatient clinics. We always analyze the products we carry against cost, value and volume mix.

Research Focused

All products that we carry have been rigorously tested through research studies, exploratory use and FDA-based studies that look at efficacy. If we are unsure of the effects of a product, we don't carry it.


Healthcare is evolving faster than ever. We at Markorp are focusing on ways to ensure that our team carries the more technology savvy products, to ensure that patients are getting the best experience possible, right now.


Products are only as good as those using them. We go the extra mile and make sure that all of our customers are extremely comfortable with the products they are using. Anytime extra training is needed, give us a call!


Difficulty of use is one of the top reasons people stop using a product. We strive to make sure that we help our customers understand when to use each product and the best methodology.


There is nothing worse than not knowing what inventory of a product looks like. Markorp makes this easy with a multi-step approach. We track inventory, weekly use and projections. This allows us to make sure you have what you need.

Our Team

Our team is founded on greatness. We have specialists in all fields and subfields of what we do to make sure our customers are fully satisfied with what we have offered.

George Mrvos


Meighan Mrvos

Operations Officer

David Mrvos

Pennsylvania Sales Manager

Eric Sperlazza

West Virginia Sales Manager

Ryan Riddle

Ohio Sales Manager

Marc Mrvos

Advisory Consultant

Lauren Weinburg

Admin and Sales Associate

Jacob Mrvos

Intern - Part of Penn State - Altoona Internship Program Young Entrepreneurs

Benjamin Schogel

Sales Associate

Contact Us

Call: 412 496 4200
Email: meighan@markorp.com

300 Terrytown Drive
Suite 100
McKeesport PA