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pressley 6 | Markorp
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In January 2020, Pressly reported that she was diagnosed with alopecia areata, as a result of which she lost all her hair; she said in a public statement, “I want to get rid of the secret and the shame that this secret holds.” Pressley rarely discusses her religious beliefs, but mentioned that she is a “woman of faith” who “grew up in the church.” She never learned to drive and continues to use other modes of transportation…

Representative Ayanna Pressly: ‘Donald Trump acts with deliberate crime’ in poor response to coronavirus

GBH Morning Edition presenter Joe Mathieu spoke to Pressly to learn more about combating racism in the country. Pressley also asked DeJoy for more detailed and local information on the effects of the pandemic on agency staff. After telling her that 83 USPS employees had died from the coronavirus, Pressley sought data on COVID-19-related deaths, positive tests and quarantine of postal workers from Congressional districts, “separated” from Congressional districts. In the Boston area alone, Pressley reported that 225 postal workers had contracted the disease. “In my opinion, the only thing you need to say is resign,” said the Massachusetts congresswoman…

Ayanna believes that people who suffer the most from pain should be closer to power and that a variety of voices in the political process are needed for a more effective public policy. Ayanna fights for the 7th Massachusetts people, and together we are building a movement for justice and equality in all our communities. Ms. Pressley did not participate in the initial round of support from her home state during the start of Ms. Warren’s campaign earlier this year, leading to speculation that she would not be in the presidential election or would support Ms. Harris, e the only black woman in the 2020 race. Instead, Ms. Pressley joined Ms. Warren’s cause, politically strengthening the informal friendship that had existed between them for many years. “Boston Election Results Boston City Council Results”.


Rep. Ayanna Pressly has teamed up with Senator Elizabeth Warren and California Representative Barbara Lee to create the Anti-Racism and Public Health Act, which calls on the Centers for Disease Control to conduct research on the health effects of structural racism. He also calls on the federal government to declare racism a public health crisis, as many state and local governments have already done….

Member of the Congressional Record

On the council, Pressly did not have the controversial humiliating reputation she gained as part of the squad. O’Brien said it could happen because as the only woman of color on the council early in her career, she did not want to risk her country..